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Components & Accessories

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Xlife sheet Dokadek
Xlife sheet Frami
Doka beam H20 eco P
Formwork sheet 3S basic 21mm
Formwork sheet 3S basic 27mm
Doka floor prop XN
Tie rod 15.0mm galvanised
Tie rod 15.0mm non-treated
Fibre concrete tube 22mm
Protective grating XP
Doka skeleton transport box 1.70x0.80m

Art.-No. 583012000

Handrail clamp S

Art.-No. 580470000

Doka multi-trip transport box 1.20x0.80m

Art.-No. 583011000

Doka stacking pallet 1.20x0.80m

Art.-No. 583016000

Adhesive tape PVC 50mm 33m

Art.-No. 581841000

Doka stacking pallet 1.55x0.85m

Art.-No. 586151000

Bridge edge beam anchor 15.0

Art.-No. 581896000

Plastic tube 22mm 2.50m

Art.-No. 581951000

Plug 22mm

Art.-No. 581953000

One package contains 1,000 pieces.

Super plate 15.0

Art.-No. 581966000

86 Products found
  • 1(current)
  • 2
  • 3