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DokaPly Birch

DokaPly Birch SC 18mm

Plywood sheet made of Nordic birch with 120 g/m² phenolic-resin film coating on both sides. The glue bonding meets the requirements of EN 314-2 Service Class 3 or BS 6566 WBP. The edges are sealed with acrylic resin varnish.

Birch Stiga RM 250x125cm 21mm

Art.-No. 747000441

High-quality 100% birch plywood with 120-240 g/m2 smooth phenol film on both sides. Waterproof glue (WBP). Edges are treated with waterproof paint. It is suitable for external use in diverse climatic conditions (humidity, UV exposure, etc.) and exposure to chemicals. The surface is easy to clean. Produced in accordance to EN-636-3S standard.