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Stacking cones

Hole plug 29mm

Art.-No. 581891000

Universal plug R20/25

Art.-No. 588180000

Framax plug R24.5

Art.-No. 588181000

Framax stacking cone

Art.-No. 588234000

Frami frame hole plug

Art.-No. 588444000

Frami plug

Art.-No. 588445000

Framax Xlife plus plug 24mm

Art.-No. 589219000

Plug 15.0

Art.-No. 580609000

Plug 26mm

Art.-No. 581465000

Fair-faced concrete plug 41mm concrete

Art.-No. 581848000

Fair-faced concrete plug 41mm plastic

Art.-No. 581851000

Fair-faced concrete plug 52mm plastic

Art.-No. 581850000

Monotec sealing plug Framax

Art.-No. 588932000

Fair-faced concrete plug 26mm concrete

Art.-No. 581856000

Monotec plug

Art.-No. 588935000

Plug for closure plate R25

Art.-No. 588187000

Framax S stacking cone

Art.-No. 588543000

Framax Xlife plus plug 38mm

Art.-No. 589288000