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Ringlock Rebar Scaffolding 2,57m x 4,25m x 0,73m

Ringlock Rebar Scaffolding 2,57m x 4,25m x 0,73m

Art.-No. 747000338
New Material
Condition: New Material

The package consists of the following products

  • Steel toeboard yellow 0.73m Art.-No. 308400735 Steel toeboard yellow 0.73m 4 pcs.
  • Steel toeboard yellow 2.57m Art.-No. 308402575 Steel toeboard yellow 2.57m 8 pcs.
  • Ledger 2.57m Art.-No. 301032575 Ledger 2.57m 22 pcs.
  • Steel plank 32/257cm Art.-No. 308032575 Steel plank 32/257cm 6 pcs.
  • Ledger 0.73m Art.-No. 301030735 Ledger 0.73m 16 pcs.
  • Standard 2.00m crimped spigot Art.-No. 301012000 Standard 2.00m crimped spigot 12 pcs.
  • Alum. ladder hatch deck 257cm Art.-No. 319022575 Alum. ladder hatch deck 257cm 2 pcs.
  • Bay brace 200/257cm Art.-No. 301062575 Bay brace 200/257cm 2 pcs.
  • Base jack 60cm Art.-No. 306010600 Base jack 60cm 9 pcs.
  • Starter base collar Art.-No. 301270000 Starter base collar 9 pcs.
  • Standard 1.00m crimped spigot Art.-No. 301011000 Standard 1.00m crimped spigot 6 pcs.

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Weight / pc. 749.67 kg

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