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Xsafe plus platform
Xsafe plus platform with side railing
Doka folding platform K 3.00m

Art.-No. 580442000

Doka folding platform K 4.50m

Art.-No. 580443000

Folding bracket K

Art.-No. 580441000

Closure platform 3.00m

Art.-No. 580485000

Doka folding platform K outside corner

Art.-No. 580424000

Doka folding platform K inside corner

Art.-No. 580413000

Platform bracket M

Art.-No. 580547000

Platform decking M 3.00m

Art.-No. 580548000

Corner transition M 1.80m

Art.-No. 580556000

Corner platform railing M

Art.-No. 580551000

Protective grating XP
Handrail post XP
Modul toeboard
Modul diagonal brace
Modul scaffold planking
Modul horizontal ledger
Modul standard
Staxo 100 frame
80 Products found
  • 1(current)
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