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Vertical support elements

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Screw jack U-head 60cm

Art.-No. 328460600

4-way screw jack head 60cm

Art.-No. 328450600

Swivel base jack 78cm

Art.-No. 306030780

Base jack 60cm

Art.-No. 306010600

Standard 3.00m hanging no spigot

Art.-No. 301793000

Standard 2.00m hanging no spigot

Art.-No. 301792000

Standard 1.50m hanging no spigot

Art.-No. 301791500

Standard 1.00m hanging no spigot

Art.-No. 301791000

Standard 0.50m hanging no spigot

Art.-No. 301790500

Standard 4.00m crimped spigot

Art.-No. 301014000

One package contains 90 pieces.

Standard 3.00m crimped spigot

Art.-No. 301013000

Standard 2.50m crimped spigot

Art.-No. 301012500

Standard 2.00m crimped spigot

Art.-No. 301012000

Standard 1.50m crimped spigot

Art.-No. 301011500

Standard 0.50m crimped spigot

Art.-No. 301010500

Starter base collar

Art.-No. 301270000

Leg lock for suspended scaffold

Art.-No. 301280000

Base plate system 5cm

Art.-No. 306042000

Spigot for hanging scaffold

Art.-No. 335040000

Castor wheel 10kN

Art.-No. 307070100

24 Products found
  • 1(current)
  • 2