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Beam forming support 20

Art.-No. 586148000

Extension for beam forming support 60cm

Art.-No. 586149000

4-way head H20

Art.-No. 586170000

Supporting head H20 DF

Art.-No. 586179000

Framax Xlife panel 2.40x2.70m

Art.-No. 588103500

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Framax Xlife universal panel 0.90x0.90m

Art.-No. 588120500

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Framax stop-end tie

Art.-No. 588143000

Framax Xlife panel 1.35x3.30m

Art.-No. 588221500

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Framax outside corner 3.30m

Art.-No. 588227000

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Frami aligning clamp

Art.-No. 588435000

Frami foundation clamp

Art.-No. 588452000

Framax Xlife universal panel 1.20x3.30m

Art.-No. 588671500

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Framax stripping corner I 2.70m

Art.-No. 588675000

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Doka floor prop Eurex 30 top 350

Art.-No. 586094400

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Doka floor prop Eurex 30 top 550

Art.-No. 586129000

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Plumbing strut 340 IB

Art.-No. 588696000

Plumbing strut 540 IB

Art.-No. 588697000

Bracing clamp B

Art.-No. 586195000