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Staxo 40 pallet 1.20/0.90m

Staxo 40 pallet 1.20/0.90m

Art.-No. 582238000
Storage and transport device for Staxo 40 frames.
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Condition: Used Material

The Doka used material is maintained by Experts which guarantees the high Doka Quality Standards.

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Cleaning and Reconditioning costs: Charging acccording to effort after return.

Spare parts for this item

Spare parts can only be purchased in new condition.
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  • Art.-No. 019824 Hexagon bolt ISO 4017 M16x80 8.8 galv.
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  • Art.-No. 502237080 Lashing strap Staxo 40
  • Art.-No. 502237910 Label "Stack information Staxo 40" 150x50mm

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Product Information

Storage and transport device for Staxo 40 frames.

Technical Information

Weight / pc. 38.5 kg
Length 169 cm
Width 91 cm
Height 27 cm
Surface Galvanised
Maximum stillage quantity 10 pcs.

Can be used with following systems