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Plumbing accessories

Adjusting strut 120 IB

Art.-No. 588248500

Plumbing strut 260 IB

Art.-No. 588437500

Extension Eurex 60 2.00m

Art.-No. 582651000

Prop head EB

Art.-No. 588244500

Prop shoe EB

Art.-No. 588245500

Strut head EB

Art.-No. 588945000

Strut shoe EB

Art.-No. 588946000

Doka express anchor 16x125mm

Art.-No. 588631000

Doka coil 16mm

Art.-No. 588633000

One package contains 100 pieces.

Xsafe plus supporting strut EB

Art.-No. 586412500

DokaRex alignment strut
Panel strut