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Working and Protection Platforms

Scaffold tube 48.3mm
Telescopic shaft beam
Rock anchor spreader unit 15.0

Item no. 581120000

Universal cone spanner 15.0/20.0

Item no. 581448000

Super plate 15.0

Item no. 581966000

Pigtail anchor 15.0

Item no. 581984000

Doka 4-part chain 3.20m

Item no. 588620000

Doka express anchor 16x125mm

Item no. 588631000

Doka coil 16mm

Item no. 588633000

A package consists of 100 pieces.

Plumbing strut 260 IB

Item no. 588437500

Strut shoe EB

Item no. 588946000

Latch for shaft platform

Item no. 580466000

Box for latch 20x20x15cm

Item no. 580608000

Swivel coupler 48mm

Item no. 582560000

Stop anchor 15.0
Reversible ratchet
Sealing sleeve