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Here you can find a collection of frequently asked questions about the Doka Online Shop.

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Frequently Asked Questions all around the Doka Online Shop

Here you will find all the answers to your questions on all the Product sortiment that is available for you in the Doka Online Shop.


In this section you will find all the unanswered questions on the registration topic

My Customer Account

The section "My Customer Account" mentions the most common questions about managing your personal account.

My Company - Role Management

Here you will find all your answers all around the role management and the section "My Company".


Delivery & Self Pick up

Claims & Return Delivery

Here you will be informed about the claim management and return delivery procedure.

Saved Material List

This section will provide you with all of the information you need to know about " saved material list".

Technical Questions

Here you will find all the answers to important questions on technical issues.


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