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Floor Formwork

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Doka beam H20 top P
Doka floor prop Eurex 20 top
Doka floor prop Eurex 30 top
Dokadek panel
Removable folding tripod top

Art.-No. 586155500

Removable folding tripod 1.20m

Art.-No. 586145000

Dokadek infill beam
Beam forming support 20

Art.-No. 586148000

Extension for beam forming support 60cm

Art.-No. 586149000

4-way head H20

Art.-No. 586170000

Lowering head H20

Art.-No. 586174000

Supporting head H20 DF

Art.-No. 586179000

Alu beam fork H20

Art.-No. 586182000

Dokadek XF drop head

Art.-No. 586505000

Dokadek support head

Art.-No. 586506000

Dokadek suspension clamp H20

Art.-No. 586518000

Dokadek handrail-post shoe long

Art.-No. 586520000

Dokadek wall head

Art.-No. 586536000

Dokadek system beam H20 eco P 1.10m

Art.-No. 189959000

Dokadek assembling tool B

Art.-No. 586540000

29 Products found
  • 1(current)
  • 2