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End of Year Sale

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Doka beam H20 top P
Doka floor prop Eurex 30 top
Tie rod 15.0mm galvanized
Plastic tube 22mm 2.50m

Item no. 581951000

Super plate 15.0

Item no. 581966000

Universal cone 22mm

Item no. 581995000

Smart fence

Item no. 841100001

Smart fence post

Item no. 841100002

Smart heavy duty reusable zip-tie

Item no. 841100003

Heavy Duty Reuseable Zip-ties for Smart Edge.1 package is 25 pcs.

Smart standard crate

Item no. 841100004

Extension leg 1.50m SNF2

Item no. 584770000

Extension leg 0.75m SNF2

Item no. 584771000

Slab attachment flat SNF2

Item no. 584773000

Wind lock SNF2

Item no. 584778000

Diagonal tube 4.25m SNF2

Item no. 584779000

Extension arm SNF2

Item no. 584781000

Supporting shoe SNF2

Item no. 584782000

Lifting sling SNF2

Item no. 584784000

Horizontal tube 5.85m SNF2

Item no. 584787000

Diagonal tube extension SNF2

Item no. 584780000

23 Products found
  • 1(current)
  • 2