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Timber-beam formwork

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Framax quick acting clamp RU

Art.-No. 588153400

Aktionspreise nur gültig auf volle Verpackungseinheiten und auf alle Lieferungen bis 31. März 2023.

One package contains 100 pieces.

Framax multi function clamp

Art.-No. 588169000

Multi-purpose waling WS10 Top50
Multi-purpose waling WU12 Top50
Corner waling 20

Art.-No. 580031000

Scaffold tube 48.3mm
Hexagon nut 20.0

Art.-No. 581420000

Plastic tube 22mm 2.50m

Art.-No. 581951000

Plastic tube 26mm 2.00m

Art.-No. 581463000

Plug 22mm

Art.-No. 581953000

One package contains 1,000 pieces.

Protective cap H20

Art.-No. 587248000

Universal plug R20/25

Art.-No. 588180000

One package contains 100 pieces.

Universal railing shackle

Art.-No. 580478000

Doka beam H20 top P

Timber formwork beam H20 top is a solid-web beam in accordance with EN 13377 with innovative polyurethane end reinforcement for increased resistance to mechanical stresses and strains.

The discounted price is only valid on full packages and on all deliviers until 31st of March 2023.

Protective grating XP
Framax fitting timber
Handrail clamp S

Art.-No. 580470000

Super plate 20.0 B

Art.-No. 581424000

Wing nut 15.0

Art.-No. 581961000

Hexagon nut 15.0

Art.-No. 581964000

100 Products found
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