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Framax stripping spindle I with ratchet

Art.-No. 588653000

Plumbing strut 340 IB

Art.-No. 588696000

Plumbing strut 540 IB

Art.-No. 588697000

Removable folding tripod top

Art.-No. 586155500

Dokadek support head

Art.-No. 586506000

Dokadek suspension clamp H20

Art.-No. 586518000

Dokadek wall head

Art.-No. 586536000

Attachable wheelset

Art.-No. 586525000

Prop head EB

Art.-No. 588244500

Dokadek cross head

Art.-No. 586543000

FreeFalcon Package

Art.-No. 733070104

The mobile fall protection

Do you want to realize your projects faster and more efficiently in terms of costs, without giving up security? The Free Falcon package is for you.

The Free Falcon mobile arm, immediately ready for use without anchoring to the structure, combines safety and freedom of movement.

Free Falcon allows you to work safely on the edge of the fall without stumbling points, thanks to the attachment point above the head.

Package Contents:

  • 1 FreeFalcon (583034000)
  • 1 Retractable device (583035000)
  • 1 Harness (583036000)
  • 1 Box (583037000)
  • 1 Cover (583027000)
  • 1 training for 1 day in the jobsite (excluding travel expenses)

Panel strut
Framax universal fixing bolt
Travi H20 Basic P 2,90m

Art.-No. 733070121

Travi H20 Basic P 3,90m

Art.-No. 733070122

Formwork sheet 3S 27mm
Travi H20 Basic P 3,60m

Art.-No. 733070123

Edge Protection Z 2,50x1,20 with Z Pallet

Art.-No. 733070124

Handrail Post and shoe XP

Art.-No. 733070125

Handrail Post and screw-on shoe XP

Art.-No. 733070126

47 Products found
  • 1
  • 2(current)
  • 3