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Frami Xlife

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Package Frami

Art.-No. 730040000

Basic package Frami

Applicable for swimming pool or cellar

Inner size 4m00x8m00, wall thickness 30cm, height 1m50

Frami Xlife panel
Frami Xlife universal panel
Frami inside corner
Frami outside corner
Frami hinged outside corner
Frami anchor waling 0.40m

Art.-No. 588489000

Frami fitting timber
Framax stripping corner I
Framax stripping spindle I

Art.-No. 588618000

Framax stripping spindle I with ratchet

Art.-No. 588653000

Frami profile adapter for stripping corner I

Art.-No. 588491000

Frami tie-adapter for stripping corner I

Art.-No. 588492000

Frami panel shoe

Art.-No. 588490000

Frami clamp

Art.-No. 588433000

Frami aligning clamp

Art.-No. 588435000

Frami adjustable clamp

Art.-No. 588436000

Frami universal waling
Frami wedge clamp

Art.-No. 588441000

Frami universal fixing bolt 5-12cm

Art.-No. 588479000

74 Products found
  • 1(current)
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  • 3