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Shifting appliances for tables

DoKart plus

Art.-No. 586265500

Stacking frame DF

Art.-No. 586079000

Transport fork DM 1.5t adjustable

Art.-No. 586233000

Vertical extension DM 3.30m

Art.-No. 586235000

Extension profile H20 for fork

Art.-No. 586237000

Extension clamp H20 for fork

Art.-No. 586236000

Universal cone spanner 15.0/20.0

Art.-No. 581448000

Doka 4-part chain 3.20m

Art.-No. 588620000

Extension 20cm 3/4"

Art.-No. 580683000

Cone screw B 7cm

Art.-No. 581444000

Lifting extension bracket DF 1t

Art.-No. 586068000

Transport fork DF 1t 0.90m

Art.-No. 586069000

Lifting hook DF

Art.-No. 586077000

Shifting trolley DF

Art.-No. 586080000

Dokamatic lifting strap 13.00m

Art.-No. 586231000

Universal climbing cone 15.0 2G

Art.-No. 581977500

Stop anchor 15.0