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HyDra Rivestop sealing plug

Rivestop D21x48 mm SS Int. (H1112124)

Art.-No. 757025050

One package contains 120 pieces.

Rivestop D24x50 mm PS (H1112125)

Art.-No. 757025060

One package contains 80 pieces.

Rivestop D27x50 mm SS Int. (H1112126)

Art.-No. 757025070

One package contains 70 pieces.

Rivestop D30x60 mm SS (H1112127)

Art.-No. 757025080

One package contains 50 pieces.

Rivestop D24x50 mm SS Int. (H1112128)

Art.-No. 757025090

One package contains 80 pieces.

Rivestop Montage Tool (H1112140)

Art.-No. 757025150

Sealing plug of EPDM rubber that seals internally in distance tubes or in clean concrete holes. The plug is expanded via a mounting tool like a pop rivet.

MILWAUKEE M12 BPRT-201X Popnitspistol

Art.-No. 757099300

A pop rivet machine that attaches steel rivets. For easy installation of the HyDra Rivestop.

Milwaukee 152 mm förlängare

Art.-No. 757099400

152 mm extension to fit the Milwaukee M12 BPRT pop rivet machine.