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Fall protection

Protective grating XP
Railing clamp XP 40cm

Art.-No. 586456000

Handrail-post shoe XP

Art.-No. 586457000

Case for safety accessories FreeFalcon

Art.-No. 583037000

Safety harness FreeFalcon

Art.-No. 583036000


Art.-No. 583034000

Fall arrester FreeFalcon
Protective barrier Z 1.25x1.20m

Art.-No. 586643000

Protective barrier Z 2.50x1.20m

Art.-No. 586642000

Protective barrier Z pallet 1.20m

Art.-No. 586646000

Handrail post Z 1.20m

Art.-No. 586640000

Handrail post Z 0.60m

Art.-No. 586641000

Zestaw zabezpieczenia krawędzi Z - 1,2m

Art.-No. 728600458

Zestaw zabezpieczenia krawędzi Z - 1,8m

Art.-No. 728600459