Дока Україна Т.О.В.

просп. Володимира Івасюка 20-а
04210 Київ
Tel. Nr: +380 97 994 4499

Chamber membership

As an intersectoral company,Дока Україна Т.О.В. is active outside sectoral representative associations.

Trade licence

Дока Україна Т.О.В. mainly supplies LR construction companies with DOKA technology mold systems, plywood, etc. building inventory, providing related services, retaining the right to engage in a full-scale business activity presented to register and tax administration.

Limitation of liability

This website, as reported on the site, is maintained by the EU-Austria parent company with online links to Дока Україна Т.О.В. sales agents,.Doka authors and maintains the contents of this website with the greatest possible care. Nevertheless, Doka takes no responsibility for the information provided on this website, and excludes any and all liability for information which may be found to be incorrect or incomplete on the Doka website. Responsibility for the manner in which the information provided (and thus freely available) on the Doka website is used and handled lies solely with the user. Doka shall make available the contents of its website free of charge until further notice, as information only, and stresses that the mere act of using the website does not establish any contractual relationship between the user and Doka whatsoever. Users wishing to make use of special applications (For example, closing a deal at an online store, and/or using the Doka download center, and/or a fresh concrete pressure calculator) must first accept separate terms and conditions of use.

IMPORTANT: DOKA warns all interested persons in a timely and public manner that the Online Trade Shop- Online Shop- has a Disclaimer of Consumer Rights contained in its Terms and Conditions (Section 1.5), where the parties to the transaction may only be registered merchants for their own economic or professional activities; The provisions of the Consumer Protection Acts of the Republic of Ukraine are not applicable to transactions on this site.

Exclusion of responsibility for external links

On its website, Doka provides links to other websites. These electronic cross-references open up access to third-party information and content which Doka at no time embraces as its own. Doka is not responsible for any such content-matter, for which liability rests with the respective website owner/operator. Before linking its website to a third-party webpage, Doka makes all possible and reasonable efforts to determine that there is no manifestly unlawful content on the page in question. However, Doka has no influence over the content and design of these linked pages, and continuous checking of the external links is not feasible. As soon as Doka becomes aware of any unlawful (and/or containing any threat to user) content on a linked website, the link(s) in question will be removed immediately.

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