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Safety nets

Scaffold tube 48.3mm
Normal coupler 48mm

Art.-No. 682004000

Assembly shoe XCF

Art.-No. 584812000

Catch net 4.00x3.10m XCF

Art.-No. 584801000

Vertical profile 3.50m XCF

Art.-No. 584804000

Diagonal tube 4.70m XCF

Art.-No. 584805000

Floor shoe XCF

Art.-No. 584806000

Vertical profile extension 1.55m XCF

Art.-No. 584810000

Folding rope XCF

Art.-No. 584809000

Lifting sling 0.5t 1.00m

Art.-No. 584808000

Catch net 6.00x3.10m XCF

Art.-No. 584800000