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Formwork accessories

Montant 50 cm RM

Art.-No. 751000070

Vertical element, to support the wall formwork.

Montant 100 cm RM

Art.-No. 751000071

Vertical element, to support the wall formwork.

Formwork Spacer

Formwork spacer, for fixing the wall formwork

One package contains 100 pieces.

Cravata Stalpi 15-45cm RM

Art.-No. 751000080

Set of brackets for fixing the column formwork panels. With sections from 15-45cm

One package contains 4 pieces.

Pana Cofraj RM

Art.-No. 751000073

Wedge for fixing the formwork spacers to the formwork post

Sold at pachake of 100 pieces.

Rapid clamp for formwork 6-10 mm

Art.-No. 751000081

The Rapid clamp, also known as the feather blocker, is used to fix the formwork (generally to foundations or) with the help of Ø 6-10 concrete iron. It is used together with the 3S formwork sheets.

Tightening wrench for Rapid clamp 6-12

Art.-No. 751000083

The tightening wrench for Rapid clamp, known as the formwork clamp tensioner wrench, rests on the Rapid clamp and has the role of stretching and tensioning the concrete iron before it is locked in the clamp by means of a wedge.

Stremaform expanded metal 1.20x2.40m FK

Art.-No. 751000120

Stremaform® is used as lost formwork for working joints in floor slabs, ceilings and walls. The expanded metal that is fixed between the steel reinforcement mesh and produces a rough surface that avoids the need for subsequent scabbling of the concrete surface before a second pour.

Expanded board 2.50x0.6m 0.3mm HY

Art.-No. 751000121

It represents the economical version of formwork for end closures, both for floors and walls. The obtained rough surface allows the next casting step to be carried out without processing the concrete in the continuity area.