Upload Material List

If you wish to upload a material list into the online shop, you can do this very easily. You will save a lot of time, as you can add all items to your shopping cart or a saved list with one click of a button.

How does it work?

1st step: Create Material List

The material list, in a .csv file format, should consist of two columns: the article number in column A, the required quantity in column B. The quantity has to be entered as per piece.

You can use programs like Microsoft Excel to create a .csv file.

An example list could look like this:


Attention: Please do not use any headers above the columns.

How can I save an Excel list as .csv?

In order to save an Excel list as a csv-file take the following steps:

  1. 1. In Microsoft Excel: click "File" and "Save as"
  2. 2. Select a folder to save it in
  3. 3. Before finally clicking "Save", the file format has to be changed to .csv

You can find detailed instructions here.

The following example file in csv-format can be opened in Excel and saved again as .csv: Download example file

2nd step: Upload Material List

The button to upload the material list is below the shopping cart symbol. Click on it to open a menu. There you can select your file with the "+" button.



3rd step: Click the upload button

Click on the blue button "Upload material list".



4th Step: The products are displayed in the required quantity

The products from the material list are then listed on one page. With only one click, the entire material list can be added to your saved material list, or the shopping cart. It is also possible to change the quantity or the material condition (new, used) if available.

If items from the material list are not available in the Online Shop, you will see detailed information after the upload. You can inquire about these items separately via a contact link.