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Hose packer for acrylic gels

Art.-No. 829360189

Steel packer D18x170mm

Art.-No. 829360408

Slide-on reinforcement holder

Art.-No. 829360123

Nipple for nail packer M8

Art.-No. 829360124

Hose packer for polyureth. resin incl. nippel

Art.-No. 829360188

Steel hose-packer for injections SW10x65mm

Art.-No. 829360190

Hose packer for injections D8x66mm

Art.-No. 829360191

Locking piece with internal thread M8

Art.-No. 829360192

Day packer ECO incl. ball-head nipp. 10x120mm

Art.-No. 829360302

Quick release lever galvanized

Art.-No. 829360639

Flat head nipple M10x1mm

Art.-No. 829360643

Slat packer D18x115mm

Art.-No. 829360457

Tool set D16 130mm

Art.-No. 829360640

Glue packer D50mm

Art.-No. 829360576

Universal glue packer R R1/4"

Art.-No. 829360577

Klebfix adapter for glue packer

Art.-No. 829360578

Tool set D8 130mm

Art.-No. 829360641

Conical packer KS-1 D10x55mm

Art.-No. 829360523

Slat packer D18x105mm

Art.-No. 829360458

Tool set D14 130mm

Art.-No. 829360642

29 Products found
  • 1(current)
  • 2