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Multi-ply formwork sheets

EUCAplex F/F d.b. 130 21mm

Plywood sheet made of Chinese eucalyptus veneers with 130 g/m² phenolic-resin film coating on both sides. The melamine-resin glue-bonding of the panel passes the 24 h boiling test to the Chinese standard. The edges are sealed with acrylic-resin varnish.

Multiply sheet to cut 21mm 125/250cm

Art.-No. 756000557

DokaPly natural 20mm 250/125cm

Art.-No. 185061000

DokaPly natural is an uncoated plywood sheet for subordinate purposes and for cuttings.

DokaPly Birch SC 21mm
CUTplex basic F/F black 160
UNIplex F/F brown 120 21mm 125/250cm FSC

Art.-No. 185241500

Plywood sheet made of high Qaulity Chinese poplar veneer. Both sides are coated with 120 g/m² brown phenolic-resin film. Exterior Bonding and will pass a 72 h boiling test.