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Doka beam H20 eco P
Doka formwork sheet 3-SO 21mm
Dokaplex formwork sheet 9mm
Dokaplex formwork sheet 18mm
Dokaplex formwork sheet 21mm
Xface sheet 21mm
Doka floor prop Eurex 20 top
Doka floor prop Eurex 20 eco
Tie rod 15.0mm galvanised
Tie rod 15.0mm non-treated
Fibre concrete tube 22mm
Tie rod 20.0mm galvanised
Tie rod 20.0mm non-treated
Distance piece
Doka skeleton transport box 1.70x0.80m

Art.-No. 583012000

Doka-Trenn in drum of 200l

Art.-No. 580912000

Doka-Trenn in canisters of 25l

Art.-No. 580913000

Doka sprayer for release agent

Art.-No. 580914000

Rock anchor spreader unit 15.0

Art.-No. 581120000

Hexagon nut 20.0

Art.-No. 581420000

180 Products found
  • 1(current)
  • 2
  • 3