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Column formwork Alu-Framax Xlife

Alu-Framax Xlife univer. panel
Framax quick acting clamp RU

Art.-No. 588153400

Super plate 15.0

Art.-No. 581966000

Plumbing strut 340 IB

Art.-No. 588696000

Adjusting strut 120 IB

Art.-No. 588248500

Plumbing strut 540 IB

Art.-No. 588697000

Adjusting strut 220 IB

Art.-No. 588251500

Prop head EB

Art.-No. 588244500

Universal dismantling tool

Art.-No. 582768000

Doka express anchor 16x125mm

Art.-No. 588631000

Doka coil 16mm

Art.-No. 588633000

One package contains 100 pieces.

Scaffold tube 48.3mm
Framax transport bolt

Art.-No. 588621000

Framax lifting hook

Art.-No. 588149000

Universal plug R20/25

Art.-No. 588180000

One package contains 100 pieces.

Framax plug R24.5

Art.-No. 588181000

One package contains 100 pieces.

Handrail post 1.00m

Art.-No. 584335000

Scaffold tube connection

Art.-No. 584375000

Framax bracket 90 EP

Art.-No. 588979000

Panel strut