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Panel floor formwork

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Doka floor prop Eurex 20 top
Dokadek infill beam
Doka express anchor 16x125mm

Art.-No. 588631000

Doka coil 16mm

Art.-No. 588633000

One package contains 100 pieces.

Dokadek support head

Art.-No. 586506000

Dokadek infill beam pallet

Art.-No. 586528000

Dokadek suspension clamp H20

Art.-No. 586518000

Dokadek wall head

Art.-No. 586536000

Dokadek assembling tool extension 2.00m

Art.-No. 586538000

Attachable wheelset

Art.-No. 586525000

Fastening bolt D16/130

Art.-No. 586533000

Dokadek assembling tool B

Art.-No. 586540000

Dokadek timber beam seat H20

Art.-No. 586550000

Dokadek corner head

Art.-No. 586539000

Dokadek cross head

Art.-No. 586543000

Dokadek stripping tool

Art.-No. 586541000

Spring locked connecting pin 16mm

Art.-No. 582528000

Dokadek wall clamp

Art.-No. 183063000

Dokadek stripping tool extension 1.50m

Art.-No. 586559000

Dokadek suspension tool

Art.-No. 586562000

24 Products found
  • 1(current)
  • 2