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Special Offers

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Doka beam H20 eco N
Doka beam H20 eco P
Doka formwork sheet 3-SO 27mm
Formwork sheet 3S basic 27mm
Dokaplex formwork sheet 21mm
DokaPly eco 21mm
Doka floor prop Eurex 30 top
Doka floor prop Eurex 20 eco
Framax universal waling
Dokadek infill beam
4-way head H20

Art.-No. 586170000

Supporting head H20 DF

Art.-No. 586179000

Framax stop-end tie

Art.-No. 588143000

Framax lifting hook

Art.-No. 588149000

Framax universal corner waling

Art.-No. 588151000

Framax wedge clamp

Art.-No. 588152000

Framax quick acting clamp RU

Art.-No. 588153400

Framax adjustable clamp

Art.-No. 588168000

Framax multi function clamp

Art.-No. 588169000

Frami clamp

Art.-No. 588433000

41 Products found
  • 1(current)
  • 2
  • 3