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Modul toeboard
Modul diagonal brace
Modul scaffold planking
Modul horizontal ledger
Modul standard
Staxo 40 tube connector D48.3mm

Art.-No. 582204000

One package contains 64 pieces.

Modul base collar

Art.-No. 694000041

Modul screwjack foot 60cm

Art.-No. 691151060

Modul transom 0.73m

Art.-No. 694065073

Modul transom 1.40m

Art.-No. 694065140

Modul scaffold planking with manhole 60/307cm

Art.-No. 691204307

Modul planking retainer 0.73m

Art.-No. 694098073

Modul planking retainer 1.40m

Art.-No. 694098140

Modul alu stairway 3.07m

Art.-No. 691298307

Modul transom standard-connector

Art.-No. 694151002

Modul scaffold planking with manhole 60/207cm

Art.-No. 691205207