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Spare Parts

Stacking protector

Art.-No. 506501160

Stacking protector on the underside of Dokadek panels

For protecting the formwork sheeting and the frame profiles when panels are stacked. 8 are needed for each Dokadek panel 1.22x2.44m or 0.81x2.44m and 4 are needed for each Dokadek panel 1.22x1.22m or 0.81x2.44m.

One package contains 25 pieces.

Silicon-sealing compound grey 310ml

Art.-No. 045101

Xlife sheet Framax SCC 0.90x2.70m

Art.-No. 508119190

Blind rivet DIN 7337 B4x24 St/St galv.

Art.-No. 020441

Framax screw

Art.-No. 508302100

One package contains 2,500 pieces.

Xlife sheet Alu-Framax
Xlife sheet Alu-Framax AI
Xlife sheet Alu-Framax AU
Xlife sheet Framax
Xlife sheet I Framax
Xlife sheet Framax plus
Xlife sheet Framax plus AE
Xlife sheet Framax plus I
Xlife sheet Framax U
Xlife sheet Frami