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DokaPly Birch DC 21mm
Doka floor prop Eurex 20 eco
Doka-Trenn in canisters of 25l

Art.-No. 580913000

Doka-OptiX 20l

Art.-No. 580917000

DokaPly natural 20mm 250/125cm

Art.-No. 185061000

One package contains 45 pieces.

UNIplex F/F brown 120 21mm 125/250cm

Art.-No. 185241000

One package contains 45 pieces.

CUTplex basic F/F black 160 20mm 125/250cm

Art.-No. 185253000

One package contains 45 pieces.

Doka-OptiX Package

Art.-No. 720071600

Release agent specially for smooth formwork surfaces. Package 10x 20 liter canister Incl Doka sprayer for release agent

Doka-Trenn Package

Art.-No. 720071601

Release agent specially for absorbent formwork surfaces. Package 4x25 liter canister.

Doka express anchor 16x125mm

Art.-No. 588631000

One package contains 10 pieces.

Doka coil 16mm

Art.-No. 588633000

One package contains 100 pieces.

Doka beam H20 top P