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Doka beam H20 eco P
Doka floor prop Eurex 20 eco
DokaPly Birch SC 18mm
EUCAplex F/F d.b. 130 18mm 122/244cm

Art.-No. 185184000

Plywood sheet made of Eucalyptus wood with 130 g/m2 brown film coating on both sides. 
Made up of 11 composed veneers glued with WBP melamine. 
Edges are sealed with waterproofed brown acrylic paint.

30 Bundles of DokaPly Birch SC 18mm 122/244cm

Art.-No. 734009069

30 bundles of 22 pieces of Doka Ply Birch

Plywood sheet made of Nordic birch with 120 g/m² phenolic-resin film coating on both sides.

The glue-bonding meets the requirements of EN 314-2 Service Class 3 or BS 6566 WBP.

The edges are sealed with acrylic-resin varnish.